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Welcome to our Vacation Blog

This Blog will archive our trips over the last 15 or 20 years. I think you will find some of them humorous and may even trigger a familiar thought. We had originally planned to travel away from Canada for most winters. I don’t think either of us enjoy walking or driving in snow or icy conditions. We did however do it for many years- we have paid our dues!

Our Belize adventure 2008


We are on our way to a much anticipated winter vacation, we will be gone for a month and will explore places in Mexico, Belize, and hopefully get to see the Inca ruins in Guatemala. It’s Sunday evening, we are packed , trying to get some sleep, but we’re to exited, we finally decide to get up ,do some last minute checks, put luggage in the car . Now we are ready for the two hour drive to the airport.

We left Sheet Harbour at 2am to drive to the airport, after leaving our van at park and fly, we were shuttled to the terminal. We confirmed our flight and checked our luggage. We had coffee and do-nuts at Timmy’s and waited for our flight to Toronto. At 6.30am we were in the air headed toward Toronto where we had a three hour wait for our flight to Cancun. Finally at 2.20pm we arrive in very hot, sunny Cancun, collected our luggage, and proceeded to go thru customs. Cancun has a red and green light system at immigration, you press the large button and hope for the best, and lucky for us we got a green light. As soon as we cleared immigration we were bombarded by locals wanting to give us a ride, and soliciting time share tours. We were green and after a lot of pressure we signed up for a tour, all we had to do was listening to a presentation and paid $100.00 US. We had to wait in the heat a half hour for a bus to Playa Del Carmen, it was very comfortable, and there were good roads and beautiful scenery. We arrived at the bus depot at 5.10 and, walked dragging our luggage to our hotel.100_0294

Of course there was a mix up with our reservation but we finally checked into our room, very clean, comfortable beds and a fantastic shower. There was a room at the end of the hall with a bar and a very nice bartender called Garry, (originally from Florida) he was very informative. He told us about a great Mexican restaurant and we went to dinner. The food was great, prices were reasonable, the waiters were friendly and helpful, and we will be going there frequently. After traveling for fifteen hours we are ready for some much needed sleep. We slept well and at 7:00 am we were up and ready to explore the town and the beaches. It was a beautiful hot sunny day.

Our first day “still in Mexico!”


Remember the bartender, well every morning he would go out to a local Mexican bakery and bring back a variety of fresh donuts and make coffee for guests. After breakfast, we walked to the beach;DSCF0273It was a few blocks south of our hotel. The sand was so white and clean and the water was warm, it was fantastic, like an ad from a magazine. We rented a couple of lounge chairs for $2.00 and sat on the beach for a while watching the local fishermen bring in their catch of fresh fish which they took to the local restaurants. We walked to a restaurant and had lunch it was delicious. We started looking around for a post office so I could get some stamps. Finally after an hour and asking a couple of locals we located the post office bought stamps and headed back to the hotel. At the hotel we had a rest and a beer with Ga100_0248rry. We needed some fresh fruit so we decided to go to Wal-Mart, the Wal-Mart was huge, and anything you would want was there. A little tip, when you are exchanging money, look around, because the rate of exchange can be very different from exchange kiosks, and if you go to a bank machine you get pesos and not necessarily the best rate. On the way home from Wal-Mart we ended up going to the Mexican restaurant again.